Saturday, January 2, 2010

see you next year woodford. what else can i say?

Happy New Year everyone!
I have spent the last week of the year at Woodford Folk Festival and I can safely say it was the best week of my life.

I saw the John Butler Trio, they are all so talented. The man himself did the best guitar solo i have ever seen it was insane! There was the most peaceful vibe throughout their set. Truly magical.

I also saw Hungry Kids of Hungary, Whitley (ahh froth), The Medics (new favourite band), The Audreys, Tripod (halarious), The Middle East, Endorphin, Afro Dizzi Act and Ryan Meeking and the Few. If you haven't heard their music I seriously recommend!

They were all wonderful but the highlight of my week was seeing LISA MITCHELL. She sounds amazing on her album but she is breath-taking live. What's more, my friends and I snuck out the back and met her in person! She is an incredibly welcoming, friendly, beautiful and talented person.

^ Jerri, B, Lisa Mitchell, Me ^

Was anybody else at Woodford? I'd love to know!

(all my phtography)


  1. amazing. i can safely say that the day that I went with you was one of the best in my entire life!
    love you, x

  2. that's so amazing!
    sounds like you had a lot of fun, totally jealous
    xx scarzz

  3. cute blog, happy new year!


  4. Jealous!! The festival sounds great.

  5. Woodford looks amazing! I adore the photos.xx


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