Tuesday, December 22, 2009

two more sleeps,

Wow, how did Christmas creep up on us so fast?
I hope everone has a splendid Christmas and that 2009 was all they could wish for. I don't know when my next post shall be but i will leave you with these darling pictures by Barbara Videl.

And i must mention this for i feel terrible! I have two blogger awards which i have not yet done from Ducks Like Tea and One Life in Seven Billion - don't worry I will get there!


  1. wow the last picture's so pretty!
    love these shots theyre amazing!

    lol i'm pretty sure i have three,
    i dont really like, know what to do with them.
    so i guess theyre just like there somewhere lost in whatever blogs gave them to me LOLOL :\

    how was your day m'dear!? :]

    ♥ ctrlove.blogspot.com

  2. Those pictures are amazing

  3. these pictures are adorable.
    & i've been wondering the same thing. i don't know how Christmas is already here. i feel like we should still be back somewhere in october. this year has flown by, but it was a wonderful year.
    i hope your 2009 was lovely & that you have a happy Christmas.

  4. amazing, amazing, amazing.
    merry christmas, lovely one!

    p.s. i've just read mercy by jodi picoult; so good.

  5. Merry Christmas :).
    And a little while ago you said you'd be interested in being my penpal? Well I'd love to be your penpal, if you still want me to :).
    Give me your email or something and we can sort it all out xo.

  6. These photos are amazing! I love your blog, it's beautiful but modest xx

  7. these pictures are wonderful!

  8. I adore all of your pictures, they are so lovely!
    Your newest follower :-)


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