Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So Splendour has come...
...and it has gone.

How i wished i could have been there.
So i settled for second best.

Too Poor For Splendour.

It was very fun indeed.

Local bands, playing short sets, one night only.
For $10, it was definitly worth it.


  1. Oh, this is such an amazing idea, I wish we had such an event down here for us Adelaideans )':
    Instead, a few friends and I tuned in together to listen to Splendour and absolutely faint with envy! (Though it was a night well spent!)
    Love, Athena xxx

  2. haha.
    i wish we had something like that over here too.

    next year, i think i'm going to save up and come over for it.
    it'd definitely be worth it.

    great pictures :)

  3. cute photos! just discovered your blog its great :)

    xx Erin

  4. I feel as though I really need to learn some Mandarin.


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