Saturday, July 10, 2010

tell me now where was my fault,

let me apologise. but let's move past those silly words.

On the 25th of June i turned sixteen.

Amongst my lovely presents was a green Olivetti 1960's typewriter.

I shall show you some photos another time.

What have i learnt these holidays?

- the city is calling me.

- trains can become quite entertaining.

- music is therputic.

- words carry more meaning than i once thought.

- manual cars take a lot of practice to drive.

- horchata is a Mexican drink 

- friendship really is forever.


  1. oh, happy birthday!
    I hope you had a wonderful day :)
    I turn 16 in.. 26 days now, which is quite exciting, I suppose.
    I've always wanted a typewriter; I cannot wait for photos.
    love, athena.

  2. Awesome, a typewriter!!!
    Happy belated birthday.
    I hope you're enjoying your days. (:

  3. Happy birthday! I hope you had a lovely day :). Ah a typewriter, you lucky lucky thing.

  4. Hapy birthday for the other week! A green typewriter?? oh my please post an image soon with some of your cute words <3

  5. ooo! a typewriter!
    hell to the yess that words carry more meaning.
    same with music is theraputic and friends are forever.
    love the song horchata ;D


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