Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lights, lights, lights

The city is amazing.

When school is over I am moving.

So vibrant, so happening.

These photos give quite a lost, overwhelming feel to the city, i however feel quite the opposite.

Do you like the city?

Photography: Jasper James


  1. Lovely post, Pearl :) I agree about the photographs; they give an almost negative feel to the city. Personally, I love the city. It's where I've always pictured myself living, mainly because I like to be doing something all the time and want to experience my young adulthood in a place made for independence and adventure. However, perhaps later in the years, it could be nice to reside in a little tucked away suburb. xx

  2. wow! those images are totally amazing!!!! fantastic post pearly!


  3. Oooh lovely pictures!
    I like the city on occassion...I live out in the country, which is much better! More peace and quiet, and I can be as loud as I want without "waking the neighbors."


  4. There are reasons why I love the city and there are a few downers about the city (mainly the transport and people)

    With city comes great food selection, great shops and nice parks/scenery.

  5. oh i adore these photos!
    ....sooo dreamy.

  6. what a lovely, delicate post, dear... i love the city! the glimmering lights, the energy, the liveliness of it...
    thank you so much for your sweet comment! that is a wonderful deed-- i think you're making a change every day by being you, pearl :)

    p.s. you have fabulous taste in music!

  7. Those photos are fabulous!

    The city can be lovely, if one is in the right mood. Do you live in a rural area?

  8. Lovely post, it's actually been a dream of mine to move to New York city, hopefully it will come true. I'm kinda sick of the country. :P

  9. i love the city.
    it's so vibrant.

    love your blog dearest.

  10. i totally grew up in the suburbs.. near the beach.. in a city in california.. i live in los angeles now... i am out of the bubble and i L.O.V.E. it! :)

  11. I LOVE the city. I live in the small rural suburbs of Australia so when a change arises for me to go to Melbourne or Sydney I am quick to take it! The shopping is simply amazing, so much to do, the beach! Love it all! When I finish school I too am definitely moving!

  12. yes yes yes oh yes ! i love the city. Right now i technically live in a city, but there isn't a sky scraper to be seen, and the city center is like, one road. so... one day i shall definatley be moving, after uni !

  13. gorgeous blog, love it!
    salt water.

  14. The images tell all! I like the city with all the fashion but I would prefer the country because of the peaceful settings.

    xx DIana

  15. whoa these photos are SO cool with the person's silouhette.
    i do love the city. im a city girl through and through

  16. I like the city with all the fashion but I would prefer the country because of the peaceful settings.


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