Thursday, April 22, 2010

who am i?

I have been tagged by the amazing Athena (who has the most wonderful blog) to 'reintroduce myself'.

My name is Pearl.

I'm fifteen going on sixteen and i think I'm starting to discover who i am.

I find it hard to explain myself in words.

I love to listen to the rain at night, and i think to much about everything.

analyse situations, and then i realise I'm analysing them and start to analyse why I'm analysing.

When I'm bored i clear my mind and look at everything with fresh eyes, i find so much inspiration this way.

I get lost in the moment.

I'm excitable, and generally a very happy person, smiling is contagious.

I love to act, sometimes its to escape.

Friendship means the most, i love people who give amazing hugs.

I do well at school, i hope i use my results in the future.

I want to do something to be remembered for.

I want to help people, I want to make a change.



  1. who are you?
    your an amazing person thats who you are.
    yeah. i bet that showed you.

  2. I analyse situations, and then i realise I'm analysing them and start to analyse why I'm analysing.

    ^ ahaha, I do that all the time.

    lovely post.

    xx scarzz

  3. You are a beautiful, and lovely, and loving, and wonderful, and adorable, and a great person.
    and more...
    I love this post.


  4. Oh wow, I think we are so similar. I feel as though you are describing me!
    I love your blog. This post is wonderful and the pictures are beautiful x

  5. Beautiful and charming as always, dear Pearl. It must be wonderful to have you as a friend. XX

  6. Lovely blog, I'm following! :)

  7. this was really wonderful, pearl, ah, i love it!
    and i think my email server is down, i'm not so sure what's happening with it!
    i'm trying to fix it, but my capped internet isn't really helping.. i might have to give this art swap a miss!
    but i do hope it works out wonderfully!
    when technology is my friend again, i shall definitely email you and maybe send you a little letter in the mail :)

  8. i loved reading this:) so stuning as is your blog which i am now following, and i love you words and photos, as well as rainy nights - snap
    year 11 too? not loving it

  9. wonderfully spoken. Keep writing. I want to read more!

  10. Oh waw, you sound like such a genuinely sweet and caring person. xxx

  11. ohhhh, acting is the best!!
    and of course your a smartie :) you have so much insight for your age its great:)

  12. This is just lovely, and the pictures go so well with it. You're lovely.

  13. i LOVE this post! i really admire that you are only 15 going on 16.. i was no where near your awareness level when i was your age.. 10 years later i still am no where near as intellectual.. you are definitely quite an inspiration! :) hope you are doing well :)

  14. You sound magical,

    In a year or two I hope I will be like you (we are quite alike already)

    love your blog!

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  16. These pictures are beautiful, you sound truly inspirational


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