Saturday, April 10, 2010

I need your reasons . . .

. . . more than ever now.

1, 2, 3

Thank You, so much.

I've got this far,but where to now?
How can i make my blog better?
I want your input.
Your thoughts, your suggestions.
What do you like most?
What do you want to see more of?
Criticism is good too.
Anything at all.

Or ask me a question at my formspring.

You're Amazing.


  1. Pearl, you're amazing! :D Congrats on the 100 followrs <3 that's a big deal. I honestly love the way your blog is now but it couldn't hurt to maybe talk more about yourself - you seem so interesting. Beautiful photographs, inspirational. Have a lovely day. xxx

  2. I love the photography and I love the inspiring quotes/thoughts you post. I wouldn't change a thing :)

  3. are you kidding hun?! your blog is so perfect ;) all your posts are full of pretty pictures & beautiful quotes ♥ enjoy your weekend!

  4. Love these photos! don't change your blog, it's wonderful!!

  5. 100 followers....
    you bloody deserve it!!!

  6. seriously keep doing what you are doing! you are such a doll and i love coming over to pay a visit! you always find the most gorgeous photos! and CONGRATS on 100 followers! wooohooo :)

  7. I am proud to be one of the followers from obvious reasons - your blog is such a dreamy place to get lost in. Oh, and I agree with what was written before - it would be great to read something more about yourself, because you seem to be a really sweet person. XX

  8. I am amazed at how amazING your blog is. Why have I not found this lovely blog before? :)

  9. well I just found your blog,
    and I think your blog is just beautiful this way!

  10. oh yeah maybe there's one thing! those photos are great what you're using, but I think you shut put them be a little bit bigger ! :)


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