Monday, February 8, 2010

Brown paper,
White paper,
Stick it together with the tape,
The tape of love,
The sticky stuff.
Flight of the Conchords


I love paper.
Expecially thick magazine paper,
The smell that wafts from the bound pages makes me feel warm and happy inside.

I also love books.
I love how lost you can get between the words and find yourself submerged into a new reality.
A reality that is often better than your own reality.
 Even when the book ends, the story is still with you.


  1. Argh I love paper. Different textures and patterns are just lovely to feel. I love to smell fresh paper too. I love magazines with really cool editorials that require different paper than the rest of the magazine.

  2. Books are love <3 Great post, you always write so well and I agree that a book's reality is better then our own, mine is so uneventful compared to made up fictional characters in a novel. :] xxxx

  3. What a lovely post and so well said, it is true. I often think back to stories from books, but nevertheless I'm still said when it ends. I love thick books, but the ending's always worse cause you've lived that story for so long.

  4. i totally agree with you<3
    sometimes a book can show you so many different ways of can console you and make you feel better.
    its true,the story is always with you,somewhere on the back of your mind...and it will always be there if you ever need to read it again.

    love this post:)

  5. FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS! OMG! YES! THEY RULE!! "The humans are dead... BINARY SOLO... 000001 0000011!" yeah ahem. that was an awesome post. love sniffing magazines and books, such a great homely smell. xo

  6. The smell of new book! I feel the same as you wrote!
    God, I;m not the only one who love that paper and typography smell!


  7. Yesss I love this post :). It has everything I love in it! Very pretty pictures, and I love the smell of magazines.
    Flight of the Conchords are amazing haha.

  8. completely agree! I have always loved reading and getting lost in the stories.

  9. Thank you for the lovely comment. You are so right, it's so simple but it changes the way you feel entirely. :) xxxx

  10. OMG,i made the first picture :) haha how funny.
    lovely blog!

  11. Mmm, I love the smell of new books! Flight of the Conchords are great :)

  12. hey i love your blog! check out mine - it's not her, it's me. and i am selling some amazing vintage and handmade crochet goodies on etsy: check it out! xoxo ♥

  13. I love it when teachers spill their coffee on the class set of book, that happened to me once, it was fabulous, the pages all smelled slightly of coffee. Sorry to ramble like this, Love your blog!

  14. Ohhhh. I love these images - so beautiful!
    I love collecting second hand books - with worn down paper.


  15. you post the prettiest pictures, daydream dressing :) amazing blog, we'll be back soon, come follow us if you fancy. Happy Valentine's and lazy Sunday :) xx

  16. i love the smell of books! so good! and yes i did take those pics of the laundry lines. :)


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