Sunday, January 10, 2010


I love this picture.
However I found it on tumblr and don't know its source.
Have you seen it before?

I was also thinking of changing my header.
What do you think?


  1. lovely picture indeed:)
    thanks for your sweet words Pearl:)
    made my day hehee =]
    oh I'm followin!

  2. hey!
    i love illustratey kind of pictures and this one is no exception :)hmm, i've always liked your header, but i think that change is always good. :) i dunno, but i reckon if you change it it helps to like put you in a different mindset when youre blogging cause thats what happened to me and now that i dont have one its like, i dunno. LOL. so i guess thats why i've left it for a while. up to you but i vote yes (not cause its bad cause i love your header right now. :D)


  3. nicee illustration, :) its really lovely. Your blog is gorgeous, and i really love your header, but if you want to change it then you should, when i changed mine it felt better, more kindaa.. "in tune" you knoww? ;)
    love, x

  4. so sweet! i'd say... 2 out of 10 nights i would like to disappear ha! :)

  5. that quote, just, speaks to me so incredibly. as i grow older, the more i want to disappear, sometimes.
    i like your header; if you've found another photo to put as your header, try it out, and if it fits, you'll know i suppose :)
    all my love,

  6. cute blog girl!

    lovelove, M.

  7. i like the picture too, i think change is allways a good thing, I'm thinking of changing mine too

  8. just found your blog and it's great how it's a "blog in general" you know, not just all about fashion like loads of blogs seem to be today...! I'm gonna follow you, and I do like your header, but change is good.. :) xo

  9. hey pearl!
    so good to see your comment! thanks for your visiting! always nice to come and say hi on your page and marvel at all the prettyness you have on here! :)

  10. hello there:) I can totally relate to this cute picture right now. Your blog is cute too.

  11. As you wish, it depends only on you
    But still we will love you!))))

  12. wow that picture is so cute, I simply love you blog it's sooo inspiring, I'm a follwer now ,xxx

  13. hey, you have a great blog. I agree with you, I love that picture too :-)


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