Friday, December 4, 2009

it's just you and the universe

Here's how my day went.
1. Work meeting as a result of change in menu which went for over and hour and a half.
2. Nearly missed my bus because of work meeting but was pretty proud of myself with my extreme bus catching skills.
3. Beach with a couple of friends, the water was magical.
4. Caught bus home, i was the only one on the bus and the moustached bus driver insisted on talking to me even though i was at the back of the bus and was listening to my ipod.
5. Appointment with guidance officer about changing subjects. I'm torn between physics and drama. I just want someone to tell me how to plan my life but it seems i will have to do it myself.

*Oh!* and i ordered an amazing bunch of flowers for my mummy and daddy for christmas! Its going to be huge and colourful and arrive at our doorstep chirstmas eve - they're going to be so suprised!

It really was quite an enjoyable day (I'm just so confused about subjects and the like)

Sorry if I'm rambling on. I'm in a rambling mood.

How was your day? What did you do?
I'd love to know :)

Oh and have a look at more of these amazing photo's here.


  1. today i


    Sorry, I'm a LITTLE high. NOT ON DRUGS.

    also, extreme bus catching skills should be a sport :D

    catherine, xox.

  2. im glad you figured out the flower thing.
    how have you done it?
    i mean like who with and what not. 1300 flowers?
    im not saying its not cooll if you did use them though... totally acceptable.
    It seems as thyself is rambeling on aswell tonight.
    haha love you :)

  3. Nice pics:) Its so annoying with people who talks and talks for ages, without realy saying anything interesting at all.
    For some reason that happens to me all the time:)

  4. Wow, the second picture is so cool!
    I love your blog

    -Shoeless Simone

  5. These pictures are so gorgeous!


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