Sunday, November 29, 2009


I went to the movies today with a huge group of friends to see 'New Moon' and now I am quite tired.
I am just so happy it is the holidays I don't have any commitments or assignments (more time for blogging yay!)
These amazing photo's are by Mellisa, a first year photography student whose work I came across on flickr. I love her style and intensity. Have further peek here.
I hope everone is enjoying the last day before the festive countdown kicks in!


  1. Oh wow, they're very pretty :).
    I saw New Moon yesterday, it was ok, not as good as Twilight.

  2. I love the second photo! I'm yet to see New Moon, but I can't wait for the marshmallow line.

  3. They are fantastic photos, I love the 1st one it reminds of a RUSSH editorial. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Second and third photos are just so lovely.
    I'm trying to wathc new moon on the internet but i don't have time enough... Maybe on christmas :)
    Beautiful blog <3

  5. pics are so lovely! That girls must be really creative

    How do you like that stupid moovie?))

  6. Yay for holidays!
    And these pictures are amazing!
    A kind of beautiful eerieness that I can't explain.


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